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Need Your Help - Lost Omega Speedmaster in ParisA dear readers sent us an email in regards to a lost Omega Speedmaster Professional. His uncle lost his 1970 Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 as he is at Paris. It had been with a leather strap and it probably just fell off. Law enforcement in Paris has been noticed, but itrrrs likely that quite small until this watch will see its method to the Police station.The person who lost it was very attached with this watch. Inherited from his father growing up and stays as part of his memory after that.It happened last Friday (29th of January) even though hopefully you like there are numerous good people around who bring it on the Police, the more you will need the not as likely this could be.The positive part is the fact you will find there's serial number known of the watch:Movement / Serial Nr. 29110172Reference 145.022-69STSpeedmaster Professional 145.022-69 with a leather strapUnfortunately there are no pictures available of this watch, i really will make use of my personal 145.022-69 for this function. The case back of the watch had the "First Watch Worn about the Moon" inscription, horizontally engraved. The watch might look somewhat different, of course, on account of wear for instance, but it really must be similar to this pictured 145.022-69.You will have to throw open the case to discover serial number 29110172 , it can be on a single in the movement bridges.When you found this watch in Paris, know someone who did or run into it otherwise replica spotting fake rolex watches , replica rolex please tell us tag heuer formula one sport watch .Thanks and we will get an appropriate gift for the honest finder on the watch. replica breitling olympus watches
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